Detroit Lakes Weddings

It was a beautiful summer of weddings for Detroit Lakes Weddings. I enjoyed presiding at weddings on lakeshores, at a community center, at a resort, on a pontoon(!), and of course, at churches. What a joy to help so many couples prepare for their wedding day and to share in the occasion with them and… Continue reading Detroit Lakes Weddings

Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings

One of the most enduring symbols of the wedding day is the exchange of rings after the vows are said. Rings can be very elaborate or very simple, but no matter the price tag, they are meaningful. The history of exchanging rings in a wedding ceremony can be traced back as early as 3000 BC.… Continue reading Wedding Rings

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Pre-Marriage Counseling

Ever wonder what you and your fiance will talk about in pre-marriage counseling? It will vary based on the pastor or officiant you work with. Some pastors use personality inventories, others might have you read a book and then discuss it together with you, while others might have a list of discussion points you will… Continue reading Pre-Marriage Counseling

Take it from me - Wedding Advice

Save the Cocktails for after the Ceremony. Please.

Out of the corner of my eye, I could sense it was happening. The gorgeous bridesmaid, who had minutes before elegantly teetered down the aisle on her perfectly dyed bridesmaid heels, was beginning to unnaturally sway as I was preaching my small wedding sermon. I glanced over toward her – her face was grayish and… Continue reading Save the Cocktails for after the Ceremony. Please.

Wedding Reflections

Tell Me About Your Wedding Day

I've noticed a good wedding photographer doesn't just take pictures - they capture moments. Those moments matter - because even though marriage is about so much more than a wedding day, still, on that occasion the people you love come together to celebrate and who knows when you will all be together again?  So savor… Continue reading Tell Me About Your Wedding Day

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Love and Laughter

I adore this picture. This was the day I forgot to tell the bride and groom they could kiss. The bride looked back at me after I had already done the benediction and said, “Don’t I get to kiss him?”  I laughed out loud and so did the whole congregation. I love that the photographer… Continue reading Love and Laughter