Wedding Reflections

Tell Me About Your Wedding Day


I’ve noticed a good wedding photographer doesn’t just take pictures – they capture moments. Those moments matter – because even though marriage is about so much more than a wedding day, still, on that occasion the people you love come together to celebrate and who knows when you will all be together again?  So savor it, capture those moments, indeed. Years later you will look back at the fresh faces and fashions and wonder at how the years have passed.

The bride and groom in this picture, Erin and Donny, I met through a dear friend of mine when I was serving my first church in New York state. I don’t remember what we were laughing about in this picture taken during the ceremony, but I do recall this was a perfect summer day about seventeen years ago – and there was pure joy floating on the breeze as they exchanged their vows.

Also, I remember I left the wedding reception fairly early because it was a Saturday night and I needed to finish my sermon for the next morning. However, after traveling the hour back to my house I realized I hadn’t had the witnesses sign the marriage license – so I drove back to the reception again.

Have you looked at your wedding pictures lately? When you look back at them, what memories and feelings do you recall? Tell me about your wedding day.


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