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Love and Laughter

I adore this picture. This was the day I forgot to tell the bride and groom they could kiss. The bride looked back at me after I had already done the benediction and said, “Don’t I get to kiss him?”  I laughed out loud and so did the whole congregation. I love that the photographer got a picture of this moment! Now it is one of my favorite memories of that wedding. By the way, I told her, “of course you can kiss him!” Now they are living in Washington and have two children. Thanks for letting me be part of your special day, Jana and Kyle!

I hope your wedding day and your life together will be full of love and laughter as well!

4 thoughts on “Love and Laughter”

  1. The photographer took hundreds of pictures on that day, and this is my absolute favorite one. Every time I look back on our wedding day this moment makes me smile. Thank you so much for presiding over our wedding. When I was thinking of who to ask, of the three pastors in our lives there was no question that you were who we wanted to be there on our day. Thank you again -Jana (the bride in this picture)


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