Wedding Sermons

A Wedding Sermon – all in Rhyme!

Dear Matt and Ashley, dear friends and family gathered here for this joyful occasion, God’s grace and peace to you all.

Matt and Ashley, I was thinking as I wrote this message for today

About how love is often expressed in song and poetry

And then I was thinking about all the great poets, like Silverstein and Plath,

How they could wave together words to make you cry or laugh

And I thought how I wished I could write something lovely like that

Words smart and profound and thoughtful, something you would never forget

But with two babies at home there is always a lack of time

So while I have written no great poetry, I have lovingly written for you a rhyme.

First, let’s take a look back – the unfolding of your love’s tale

A time long before a black tux, a wedding veil.

Your history goes back so far I wonder if you could even trace

The moment that you met, when you first saw each other’s face

And who would have guessed this very church would be the site

Where true love’s wings would eventually take flight

And you would begin to see forever in each other’s eyes

Such a wonderful blessing, such a great surprise.

So now very soon your marriage vows we will hear.

Your life together as a married couple draws very near.

And all of us have gathered here to wish you the best

To pray that your future is beautiful and blessed

But even more than that we gather to give God praise

For the riches of love and family and these happy days

Matt and Ashley, listen closely now, you two

Because there are a few simple but important things I will say to you

A few simple words I hope you will really hear

A few simple words I pray you will hold near

How fitting I thought was the first scripture reading you chose

It speaks so well of time – how it ebbs and flows

You already understand something about the mystery of time

As you’ve so patiently waited for this day to arrive

In 2005 we suspected things were serious when Matt packed up to go

Ashley was living in Nebraska, so Matt said goodbye to Colorado

I remember, Matt, you said your heart was already there,

So you knew what to do, your vision was clear.

Off you went to follow your heart

Off you went so you wouldn’t have to be apart.

And over the years God has blessed you two

Kept you close, seen you through

But as your marriage begins, time has more secrets to share

As you seek to nurture this love with tenderness and care.

There was a study done many years ago

About marriages that die and marriages that grow

It said that most couples have become too busy for each other

That on average twelve minutes a day is the time spent together

It stressed that without time together, relationships wither and die

Without time together love’s river becomes dry

So Matt and Ashley, my first prayer for you today

Is that you always take time to laugh and to play

To be intent on sharing activities and talks,

Golfing and movies and biking and walks.

Over the years always take time to hold hands or go for a drive

Because time spent together will help your love thrive

So of the words I want you to remember on this your wedding day

“Time” is the first one I wanted to relay

You’ve shared many years, may God bring many more

But treasure every moment, they are too precious to ignore

And the second word we could not have a wedding without

It is the word “love” – it’s what today is all about.

But not the love of fairytales – for that only lasts so long

The kind of love we pray for you is much, much more strong

The kind of love we pray for you was described in the scripture reading

It is patient and kind and humble and hopeful – its’ perfection is exceeding

May you love each other always in this Christ-like way

May forgiveness and persistence be what you display

To one another as you share all that is ahead

May words that uplift be all that are said.

You know very well challenges and trials will always be

But treat each other with this kind of love and the benefits you’ll see.

So in addition to spending “time” together, may you love each other well

Be one another’s greatest cheerleader, and happiness in your home will dwell.

And one more word to remember today – the greatest word of all.

It’s actually a name, a name for God – the name “Emmanuel”

“Emmanuel” is a name for God we often hear when Christmas is near

It’s meaning is that God is with us – God is truly here.

And that is something, dear friends, we pray you will remember the most

Something you can take with you – a thought you must hold very close

Because when hard times come, as certainly they might

And even if it someday seems that there is more darkness than light

And maybe for a moment you’ll even forget how you love each other now

God forbid, it might even become hard to keep your marriage vow

Just remember, dear friends, that God is with you to help you through those days

Never forget to call on the one who stilled the wind and the waves

Pray for him to guide your marriage, always offering him your praise.

God brought you together, brought you to this moment, and with you God remains.

So, time, love, and Emmanuel – three good words to guide you through life

God bless you and your home always.  God bless you as husband and wife.


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