Wedding Considerations - Location

Location, Location, Location

It can be a challenge to decide where to have a wedding. Long ago it used to be the tradition to go to the pastor’s house and be married in the parlor or living room. Then, it became much more popular to have a wedding in a church followed by a small reception in the church hall. These days it seems to be more and more popular to have weddings in other settings: outdoors, in back yards, lake shores, at restaurants and lodges, you name it.

When you plan your wedding, plan for it to be in a place that matters to you. Don’t choose the location because it is fancy or because you think it will look great in the pictures. In the long run, the people who love you will come wherever you invite them to come and they will be happy for you – whether you get married in your living room or in the field behind your house or in the lobby of the movie theater where you had your first date.

For me, it made sense to get married in a church because I was a pastor and 90% of the people I would be inviting were already there most every week. Being married in a church is also meaningful because during the wedding ceremony we do ask for God’s blessings on the couple – but God’s blessing do not only shine down upon the confines of a church sanctuary. God can just as easily smile upon the loving commitment of a couple sharing their vows on a mountain slope or next to a campfire or in a relative’s back yard on an autumn day as in the picture above. (This was Jason and Nicole’s wedding in Colorado Springs. They were married seven years ago and now have one son.)

Choose your wedding location because it is a place that matters to you! Oh, and if you need someone to preside at that wedding, contact me at

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