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May your Wedding Day be Imperfectly Perfect


Being a minister for so many years now, weddings remain one of my favorite things I get to do. It has been a joy to be with couples during such a meaningful, celebratory time in their lives.

I was a pastor before I was wife. I had been ordained only a little over a year when my sweet Chad came along and we were married the next spring. Planning that occasion and experiencing a wedding as a bride instead of as an officiant gave me a whole new insight into weddings. Before that day I would wonder how in the world a bride could be late for her own wedding – but then I was almost late for my own. It’s amazing how all the people and preparations make time slip away quickly!

Of all the memorable moments from my wedding, perhaps one most seared into my memory is that I woke up on my wedding day to the heart-sinking realization that a recurring eye allergy had decided to pop up that day. This eye allergy makes my eye (one or the other, usually not both at the same time – although that did happen once) swell up so it looks like I have been punched. Not ideal for a wedding day.

I remember looking in the mirror and telling myself I had a decision – I could let this ruin my day, or I could still have the most awesome day, just with a puffy eye.  I chose to have an awesome day with a puffy eye. Chad had never seen me with my eye allergy acting up before that day – but when he arrived he just smiled and kissed me. During the morning as we went through the picture-taking and ceremony he would lean down and say, “are you winking at me?” I laughed and knew I had found a keeper in him.

Your wedding day likely won’t be perfect – but it will still be beautiful if you remember the reason you are there to celebrate:  Love, love, love – in all its joy and in all its imperfection.

(By the way, my eye-swelling allergy NEVER happened again after that day. It’s like my body decided that since it happened on the worst possible day, it didn’t need to happen anymore.)  🙂 

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